Short Fiction

Islands in the Dark, Escape Pod. (September 2017). 

Road out from Kaysee was boring as ever. The kids we’d picked up this time weren’t anything to sneeze at: soft-spoken boy with eyes too teched up to blink, real young bratty kid who kept trying to backseat drive me from the hatch of a goddamn pickup, and a girl I hadn’t quite gotten a read on yet. Made me nervous. New things tended to do that. Hal would know their names and their stories, hers included, but that wasn’t my job; socializing was his thing and driving was mine. Talking hasn’t ever been my strong suit. Neither has caring. But I was curious.

Gravedigging, Cicada. (September 2017). Reprinted in Glittership Spring 2018 issue, and available to read or listen to for free here.

I clambered up the sides of the grave to get a good look at the headstone. I knew what it would say, but I had to see it. 

It told me that May Tenenbaum had died at nineteen years old. If I'd lived another three weeks, I would have been twenty.

Heartache, Grievous Angel. (October 2016).

Silva keeps her heart in a box, buried beneath the underbrush in her back garden. I know this because I saw her put it there, the night we both turned thirteen.